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€Glaring inaccuracies€: Georgian businessman claims he was misquoted in Mueller report
Activists in Venezuela's DC embassy brace for US-assisted Guaido takeover
Facebook expects record $5 BILLION fine from FTC over privacy violations
Former Attorney General Mukasey shreds CNN for €misleading people€ with Russia conspiracy theories
€We lied, we cheated, we stole€: Pompeo offers honest, if disturbing admission about CIA activity
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€Even I couldn€t stand the smell€: Chinese runner defies diarrhea attack to finish half-marathon
Conor McGregor's exhibition opponent jokes UFC star 'cheap shotted' him during boxing match
Russia€s €most beautiful figure skater€ quells retirement rumors (PHOTOS)
'Not good enough': Raheem Sterling hits out at football chiefs for failing to combat racism
NBA coach Luke Walton accused of sexually assaulting sports presenter

Britain spent £11mn resisting apology, compensation in Libya rendition case
Piers Morgan blasts Meghan & Harry for blowing taxpayer cash to become €King & Queen of Africa€
€Political correctness gone mad€: Lord Admiral slams maritime museum for gender-neutral ships
Is Brexit to blame for the uptick in Northern Ireland violence, and what is the €New IRA€?
€Hacker? No, no, no!€ Vaughan Smith says Assange's activity was nothing but journalism (VIDEO)

Putin welcomes Kim's efforts to normalize ties with US, hopes for denuclearization talks progress
First handshake: Putin greets Kim on historic visit to Russia (VIDEO)
Putin arrives in Vladivostok for 1st ever meeting with Kim
'Lured into war'? Iranian FM warns Trump could be duped into crisis by hawkish 'B-team'
Media trust ranker NewsGuard launches in UK by greenlighting tabloids, adding ex-NATO chief to board

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