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Several people shot as enraged rioters try to FLIP police van in Louisville (VIDEO)
GUNFIRE heard as massive Denver solidarity demonstration for George Floyd turns violent (VIDEO)
WATCH Minneapolis police ABANDON 3rd precinct as protesters TORCH it & celebrate
€Racism is over now, thanks!€ Madonna trashed for tweeting son€s €TRIBUTE DANCE€ to George Floyd amid Minnesota chaos
Minneapolis €WAR ZONE€: Rioters take over POLICE STATION amid clashes, fires & tear gas (VIDEOS)
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'It would go down in history': Conor McGregor ACCEPTS Anderson Silva fight at 176 pounds - days after calling MMA legend his GOAT
'He'll need a punch in the throat!' Tyson Fury wants Denzel Washington to play him on screen - and gives movie legend tips (VIDEO)
Romanian footballers face 12-MATCH BAN for spitting or blowing noses on the pitch under plans to resume sport after COVID-19
UFC Las Vegas: UFC to introduce stricter COVID-19 testing ahead of Nevada return on May 30
Liverpool v Atletico Madrid Champions League match 'linked to 41 additional Covid-19 deaths,' new study says

€A terrible indictment on society€: Man who lost father to Covid-19 amid outbreak at Scottish nursing home shares story with RT
Cummings made €minor breach€ of Covid-19 lockdown rules, but no action will be taken - UK police
€Unmitigated disaster€: Fury as UK suffers highest rate of excess deaths per million in the world during Covid-19 crisis
Come on! Dominic Cummings€ name didn€t trend on Twitter€ because of anti-porn filters
€Inaccurate, divisive€: British TV show roasted after using gender of world leaders to explain contrasting Covid-19 death tolls

Most Russian companies face huge losses due to virus lockdown & have difficulty getting government aid
€When the looting starts, the shooting starts€: Trump says military is ready to act against Minneapolis €THUGS€
Minnesota rolls out National Guard to stop riots & looting, €ensure safety€ of peaceful protests over George Floyd killing
Stealth flying wing: Russia€s next-gen STRATEGIC BOMBER already in the works
IKEA values vs Polish traditions: Manager faces up to TWO YEARS behind bars after firing employee opposing pro-LGBT event


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