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FBI arrests ISIS sympathizer accused of plotting to blow up Christian church
Israeli Holocaust museum schools AOC on concentration camps after comparison to migrant facilities
A winnable nuclear war? New Pentagon document shows US military thinks so
Guns as religion: Trumps envoy calls for armed guards at synagogues & Jewish schools
Biden tells rich donors not to worry, nothing would fundamentally change if he won
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Un-childish temper: Parents stage mass brawl at under-7s baseball game (VIDEO)
'I dont want to carry him at Wimbledon': Nick Kyrgios rejects Andy Murrays doubles offer
Diving for the line: Russian athlete wins Diamond League race despite being tripped (VIDEO)
'Toxic masculinity championship of the world': Controversial Pulev expected to face Tyson Fury next
'Disgraceful': Mairis Briedis lands illegal elbow en route to controversial WBO title win (VIDEO)

Corbyn says any new Brexit deal should require a new vote, hinting at Labour remain swing
Johnson leads again in third round of voting for Tory leadership, Rory Stewart out
SNPs Ian Blackford provokes Tory fury after labeling Boris Johnson a racist in parliament (VIDEO)
Judge spares cocaine user jail, says he should suffer no more for dabbling than Michael Gove
Boris Johnson races toward Downing Street, tops ballot in second round of voting for Tory leadership

Drones, F-35s feature in Israels largest military drill in years as Iran tensions rise
Iran claims it shot American drone, US military doesn't comment
Transgender 'Tyra Banks' will be first ever Asian Pacific Islander Playboy playmate (PHOTOS)
Russian NHL star tumbles off fire truck during Blues Stanley Cup parade (VIDEO)
Russian video game maker gets a year in jail for buying F-16 manuals on eBay

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